Are you a PenTexter ? Now in BSidesLV


If you're around in Las Vegas during BlackHat / BSidesLV / DefCon, I'll be presenting at BSidesLV 2016 together with Melanie Rieback on an open source pentest reporting framework.

The talk will announce a new OWASP project: PenText, a fully open-sourced XML-based pentest document automation system. The PenText system is a document automation framework that supports the entire pentesting lifecycle: from the initial inquiry, through pentest scoping, quotations, pentesting, and reporting, through the final invoice.

During this talk, Melanie and I will demonstrate the OWASP PenText system live, in the context of our larger Pentesting ChatOps infrastructure (RocketChat, Hubot, and Gitlab). We will describe the basics of how the OWASP PenText system is architected (XML, XSLT, XSL-FO), and show how the system can be used to manage the entire lifecycle of pentesting data, including the automatic generation of documentation at various points in the process (including quotations, pentest reports, and invoices).

Lots of ChatOps in combination with pentesting and open source.


See you there ?

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