unsafe HTTP methods

Vulnerability name: Unsafe HTTP methods

  • Web server HTTP Trace/Track method support
  • Cross-site tracing vulnerability
  • Dangerous HTTP methods
Although this is a server configuration issue, the client is at risk here
Disable TRACE and/or TRACK and/or DEBUG methods


Using curl , one can employ one of the methods by hand:

curl -sIX TRACE $TARGET | awk 'NR==1 {print $2}'

Vulnerable when: the result is 200

One should expect (not vulnerable) 405 (Method Not Allowed) or 501 (Not Implemented) results.

This executes the TRACE method against $TARGET , and prints out the HTTP status code using awk . The -I parameter fetches the head only, -s stands for silent mode, and -X specifies the method.

The easiest way to test whether a server is vulnerable is by using the script analyze_hosts.py [1].

This script uses curl as well as nmap to perform multiple tests.

analyze_hosts.py --trace http://www.target.com


When an OPTIONS method is issued, the webserver should return the supported methods. Some web servers have a habit of replying with methods that are in fact not supported - which does not combine nicely with inferior security scanners (and pentesters, I might add) that relying …

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